More progress on Cherrywood LUAS

Progress continues on the extension of the Green LUAS line from Sandyford to Cherrywood.

Major structures have been in place for at least 18 months, and most tracklaying was done in 2009, but now work is progressing on the overhead electric wiring.  The photos below show the wiring in place at the “Bride’s Glen” stop, in Cherrywood Science & Technology Park, and were taken on Saturday 20th February 2010.

A note: Somewhat confusingly, the “Cherrywood” stop will be in the Tullyvale residential area, while the last stop, actually in the Cherrywood campus, is “Bride’s Glen”.

Much work remains to be done, and I’d estimate empty testing to take place from summer, with an October/November opening date for the line.

Overhead wiring now installed at Bride's Glen terminal stop in Cherrywood

Cherrywood: services to start late 2010.


One thought on “More progress on Cherrywood LUAS

  1. This site seems so well informed. I happened here via Google and thought you might be able to help with a question (Dublin Bus are no bloody use!).

    HOw will the Cherrywood Luas extention link up with bus services (the number 7) when it opens.

    Currently the number 7 temrinates outside the business park, which looks like it would be a decent walk from either the “Cherrywood” stop or the “Brides Glen” stop.

    Cheers and congrats on an extremely extensive blog.

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