To celebrate the 12th anniversary of the founding of the site, every day during November I’ll be bringing you one of my favourite photos from the past 12 years.

Today’s picture is from 1999, when the VC-class formed the backbone of the Bus Eireann fleet, and the oldest examples were only 5 years old.

Click on any picture for the fullsize version.

VC4 (left) and VC1 at Galway in 1999

VC4 (left) and VC1 at Galway in 1999

The VC class (Volvo B10M Caetano) have been one of the most widely distributed types in the Bus Eireann fleet since the old M-class. Used on everything from Eurolines express and national services to regional and local routes, the VC has got everywhere, and unlike many of the other classes of the 1990s, were owned rather than leased, and thus stayed in the fleet long term.

Now the VCs are slowly cascading onto school work, and thouse which remain in service are more likely to be on rural routes than Expressway.

This shot, taken at Galway in 1999, shows VC4 and VC1, in pretty much original condition, working local and commuter services to the west.


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