2009/10 Dublin bus fleet renewal tender


single-decks in the firing line for 2009/10 replacement

Dublin Bus: single-decks in the firing line for 2009/10 replacement

Dublin Bus (Bus Atha Cliath) has tendered for its fleet replacement requirements for the years 2009/2010, and for the first time in 8 years is looking to purchase single-deck buses as well as double-decks.

The company,  operates around 1,170 buses in the greater Dublin Area (GDA) of which all but 74 are double-deck.  No new single-decks have been purchased since 2001.

The fleet replacement tender for 2009/10 (see notice below) calls for up to 200 standard two-axle double-deck buses, up to 100 tree-axle double-deck buses, and up to 50 standard two-axle single-deck midibuses.  The numbers specified do not indicate the total size of the eventual order, which based on past orders is likely to be closer to 100-150 buses in total.

This tender would be for vehicles to be delivered at the end of 2009 and into 2010.

An existing order for 150 double-deck buses for delivery starting this month is already in build at two manufacturers as follows:

50 x Volvo B9TL Wight Eclipse Gemini D/D  (WR1-50)  – first of these off production line and delivery to commence shortly.

50 x Volvo B9TL ADL Enviro 400 D/D (EV51-100) – in production, delivery to commence late october

50 x ADL Enviro 400 Integral D/D (unclassified as yet)  – delivery spring 2009.

Of the 778 double-deck buses put into service in the past 8 years, all but 10 have been on Volvo chassis.

The existing 74-strong single-deck fleet are all Volvo based, with 4 VL-class Volvo B10L Ultras dating from 1997/8,  50 remaining out of a batch of 52 Volvo B6RLE/Wright midibuses from 1999-2001, and 20 Volvo B7L/Wright articulated buses delivered in 2000 and put into service in 2001.

The company has experienced problems with the 52-strong B6RLE midibus fleet, 3 of which have been destroyed by self-ignited fires in the pas few years, and may be looking to replace these buses from 2010 onwards.

The tender is open until November 3rd, and contract awards are not expected to be published intil next year.


Title: Supply and Maintenance of Buses
Published by: Dublin Bus / Bus Atha Cliath
Publication Date: 03/10/2008
Application Deadline:
Notice Deadline Date: 03/11/2008
Notice Deadline Time: 12:00
Notice Type: Tender
Has Documents: Yes
Abstract: This contract is for the supply of up to 200 standard twin-axle double deck buses and up to 100 tri-axle double deck buses and up to 50 single deck twin axle midibuses.For each category of vehicle quotations will be required for supply only, and as an option tenderers may also quote for supply together with planned maintenance of the vehicles for periods of 3 and 5 years.
CPV: 34121100, 34121000, 50113000.

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