Dublin Bus contracts to upgrade radio systems

News on the long-awaited Real Time Passenger Information system, from this press release issued by Tait Europe.

Dublin Bus chooses ground-breaking Tait data communications system.
Dublin Bus, Ireland’s leading public transport operator, has chosen Tait Europe to undertake a major upgrade to its existing communications infrastructure. The new system enhances Dublin’s current multi-site Tait voice radio system by adding digital data channels, which will enable Dublin Bus to implement a real-time passenger information (RTPI) system. The data element of the system is provided by Tait’s ground-breaking TaitNet Data Service (TNDS) data transmission solution.

Dublin Bus has operated a Tait six-site trunked radio system since 2002. This has provided excellent voice communications across Dublin for the company’s 1,200 buses and 3,000 drivers. Dublin Bus identified the need to further improve both its provision of information to the travelling public and the ability to track its vehicles and monitor their performance against timetable. In order to achieve this, they have selected an AVL/RTPI system from INIT the highly-respected German-based supplier. Real-time systems necessitate the frequent transmission of AVL and timetable data between buses, control rooms and information displays at bus-stops. For this vital task, Dublin Bus elected to use Tait Europe’s new, ground-breaking TNDS solution.

Tait has specifically developed its TNDS solution for public transport applications. It provides benefits unavailable from other offerings on the market by virtue of the facts that;

– voice and data are fully integrated within the same system
– it offers much faster polling rates than competing systems
– it sends data over a system which is designed to carry data
– it includes direct RTIG or VDV traffic light control signalling
– it offers direct mode sign clear-down communications, if required

The fact that TNDS functionality could be added to an existing Tait trunked radio system, rather than completely replacing it, made the TNDS an attractive solution for Dublin Bus.

Commenting on the Dublin Bus contract, Paul Gwynn, Business Development Manager at Tait Europe said “We are delighted that Dublin Bus have selected Tait technology for the key communications aspect of their new passenger information system, which will help them to further enhance the service that they offer their customers. TNDS offered them a technologically-advanced, scalable and flexible solution with very low operating costs. It is also compatible with existing RTPI solutions, which will enable it to work seamlessly with Init’s bus hardware and control software”


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