Glenamuck Road & LUAS extension

A look at some of the construction work along the Cherrywood LUAS extension.


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Work continues at a great pace on the extension of the LUAS Green Line southwards to Cherrywood.

I took a trip around the area along with Donnybrook Observer on Saturday to look at the works, particularly around Carrickmines and Tully.

The picture above shows the construction of the new road bridge over the line on Glenamuck Road, where the old Carrickmines Station was located (incidently, this is still shown as a stage point on Dublin Bus route 63, 50 years after it closed!).

The road has been closed to traffic and the 63 rerouted for some months now as not only is this new bridge being constructed, but the entire road is being remade, and on reopening will no longer be the narrow twisty lane barely wide enough for two buses to pass – it will be full width road, with cycle-lanes and wide footpaths.

The diversion of the 63 is supposed to end in April, but as shown above there is still a lot to do, so I believe it will run on quite a bit longer.

Considerable drainage work will be needed here, where the trackbed of the old Harcourt Street line has been flooded for years, and the current works are surrounded by standing water.


Above is the same location, looking in the other direction, northwards along the old rail alignment where the LUAS line will run.


The works near Tully Cross, seen above, look interesting. the picture is taken from the tiny back road that leads off Brennanstown Road, up towards the ruined church and cross. We are looking northwest, towards Carrickmines.

At this location the old railway line ran through fields which for the most part still exist, and in theory construction here should be simple. However, as can be seen, a considerable cutting and roofing over of the line is under construction – presumably developments are to take place around and over the line at this point.



Finally, although not part of this stage of the LUAS scheme, work has already started on clearing trackbed for the extension on from Cherrywood to Bray. This uses the former Harcourt Street alignment for a short section across the old Cherrywood Viaduct, which crosses a deep valley known as Bride’s Glen. Tree cutting and preparing of the ground commenced a month or so ago, and here we are looking (through a secure fence) out onto the top of the stone viaduct. The power lines currently running across it will have to be removed I guess.


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